We left early, to get to Carriacou and clear in, before they shut for lunch.

The wind was behind us most of the way, so we were running. The morning started with a gybe at the end of Bequia, then a broad reach South, into a misty squall. Slowly the wind shifted and it morphed into a downward run, again.


Managed a little wing-on-wing sailing, maybe for half an hour, but it was too unstable, without the whisker pole.

We made our lunch deadline in Carriacou and cleared into Grenada. In the bay we ran into Michael, previously from Brickhouse, now on his own new boat, Amiga Mia. A friend, Elena was on board helping get things organized. We had tea with them on his boat, and they brought a freshly caught barracuda to our boat for dinner. It was lovely to see the boat and catch up.

Time on the water: 5:27
Distance covered: 39.7nm
Avg speed: 7.3kts
Max speed: 11kts
Crew: John, Stefano

Navionics Track


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