The Yacht


Aweh is a "Southern Cross 62", a modification of Chuck Paine's Bougainvillaea 62, moving the cockpit forward to make space for a large wooden dinghy to be carried on the stern.

As Chuck Paine describes it:

This one I recognize. It was designed for a Mr. & Mrs. Cottier. He had this idea that the dinghy was the most underappreciated part of world cruising. So he had us design the afterdeck so you could roll a nice rigid dinghy up on rollers and have it live there at the ready.

It was built, in Aluminium, by Queensland Ships in Brisbane in 2000.

Previously known as Mr. Curly, it spent a decade sailing the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Then crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean, where it spent another decade before we bought it from the original owners in Antigua in 2021.