Continuing on South. The wind was forecast to be mild, so we decided to sail down the windward side of Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent. It probably helped a bit, but we still ended up motoring almost all day. We were on our own on the windward side, didn't see any other yachts around.

There was some light rain.


Eventually, as we rounded Saint Vincent and headed towards Bequia, some wind picked up. We arrived in the bay in the dark, but we know our way around it (to some degree) and after a few attempts found a secure anchorage. It was quite far out of the bay, so we got some swell in the night and it was quite rolly.

Time on the water: 15:29
Distance covered: 99.5nm
Avg speed: 6.4kts
Max speed: 10.2kts
Crew: John, Stefano

Navionics Track


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