The last leg of our push down to Grenada, to meet an appointment with Aaron, a marine electrical specialist on the 29th.

We tried to leave early, but it was raining, so we had breakfast while we waited for it to stop. We motored downwind out the bay, and then picked up the wind around the corner. Sailed down past Les Tantes to Grenada.

Good wind most of the way, but it died a little as we turned the corner round the South end of Grenada. Still, we were able to sail until our entrance to Woburn Bay.


The foot was making some progress, but still not useable. We found a doctor who could see me (finally, an English speaking doctor) in St. George's. He thought it was looking fine and told us to just keep on with the vinegar baths.

The meeting with Aaron was brief but fruitful. We didn't have time to do any real work, but planned some work to carry out in 2023.

Time on the water: 6:04
Distance covered: 38.3nm
Avg speed: 6.3kts
Max speed: 11.2kts
Crew: John, Stefano

Navionics Track


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