To Prickly Bay

We set off past London Bridge, a rock with a hole in it:


And sailed down the windward side of Grenada, to Prickly Bay, in the South, where we were scheduled to haul out.

The anchorage was pretty crowded, but we found a spot near our friend Mark, on Pom. And went out for dinner with him and the brokers we bought the yacht through, and another happy client of theirs.


It wasn't very protected in Prickly Bay. A rainstorm hit the bay, and we spun dangerously close to a neighbour, our dinghy probably bumped into it on the way round. Later in the storm, our anchor chain was pulling directly under this neighbour's keel, looking like it could be scraping on it. No damage done, it was all fine in the morning, but a terrible night's sleep.

I don't have any desire to anchor in Prickly Bay again.

Time on the water: 4:50
Distance covered: 29.8nm
Avg speed: 6.2kts
Max speed: 9.2kts

Navionics Track


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