Dropping the Sails

The sailing community is amazingly helpful. Mark, and Michael (our broker) came to help us lower our foresails, and get the boat ready to go on the hard.

They also suggested that we join them in Secret Harbour, which were only too happy to do after that terrible night in Prickly Bay.

The sails were wet, from the storms the night before. So we went out and sailed back and forth a bit, to dry them out in the sun. Under Mark's expert supervision, we got them dropped and neatly flaked and bundled for storing below.

We left the mainsail on the boom, because we were only going to be away for a couple of months, and it's a big, heavy sail.

Secret Harbour was wonderfully calm, and we caught up on the sleep again.

Time on the water: 2:28
Distance covered: 7.7nm
Avg speed: 3.1kts
Max speed: 7.3kts

Navionics Track


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