Finally! Out of Quarantine

After a long overnight passage, taking a day off to do nothing isn't hard. And being required to take a few more for quarantine was just as easy.

But the ticking clock of our return to Canada meant we were very happy to be able to move again.

Finally, with our long-awaited PCR test results, we were freed from quarantine, and able to check into Grenada. So, after the formalities, we started to head down to the main island of Grenada.

We were only able to leave fairly late in the day, so stopped in Corn Store Bay at Ronde Island, for the night. This is a tiny little anchorage, with space for maybe 5 yachts, off an uninhabited island, near the north tip of Grenada.


On the way down, I recorded some silly video segments for the DebConf 21 Online conference opening.

To our surprise, our friends on Atmospheric were anchored in the bay, so we got to say goodbye, before our haul-out.

Time on the water: 1:49
Distance covered: 11.5nm
Avg speed: 6.2kts
Max speed: 11kts

Navionics Track


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