St. Pierre

We had a lazy sail up the coast to St. Pierre, the historic capital of Martinique before it was wiped out by the Eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902.


We got some wind that took us half way up the coast, in an easy broad reach. But then, after some strong blasts as we approached the cliffs off La Sechre, it died away, and we ended up motoring up the rest of the way to St Pierre.

The area directly offshore from the town is full of historic wrecks from the volcano eruption, so anchoring is prohibited. You have to either anchor close into the shore, or further down the bay to the South. We chose to be way at the back of the anchorage. Unfortunately, a neighbouring boat full of young Swedes partied late into the night. Their music taste started off well enough, but descended into annoying depths. We were very happy when they set off the next day...

Wondered around the town a bit, to see the ruins from the volcano eruption. One of the 3 survivors of it was in solitary confinement in the jail, a cell with massive stone walls, sheltered up against a hill. It's the only part of the jail still standing.

St. Pierre still manages to have a small town Caribbean island feel, that the rest of Martinique has lost. It was a pleasure to visit.

Time on the water: 2:27
Distance covered: 14.3nm
Avg speed: 5.8kts
Max speed: 9.9kts
Crew: John, Stefano, Clare

Navionics Track


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