Les Trois Ilets

After the hubbub of St. Vincent, and the push back up to Fort de France to drop off Connor and Robin, we had a lazy few days anchored off the city.

The hourly ferries tried their level best to shake us to death with their wake, so when a spot opened up a bit further back into the anchorage, we moved up to get out of their way.

When the Volcano in Tonga exploded, like many observers around the world, we saw a pressure-wave pass multiple times, over the next days:


The pressure usually rises and falls over the day, in a rough sine-curve. The sudden spikes up and down are the pressure wave. (Ignore the colour change in the graph, that was me reconfiguring data retention in InfluxDB.)

After a good week in Fort de France, it was time for some more exploring. We started with a very lazy motor down to Les Trois-Ilets. Along the way we practiced a hat-overboard drill, but we couldn't get quite close enough so John ended up diving in to pick it up.

The bottom in Les Trois-Ilets was quite muddy and we couldn't get the anchor to hold very well, so we just stayed for lunch, and then motored around the peninsula to Anse Mitan, where we dropped anchor for the night, near the Frederyk Chopin.


The next day we explored explored the town a bit. There are the ruins of the fort at Pointe du Bout, that was converted into a theatre, at some point mid-20th century, and is now decaying again.

Time on the water: 2:17
Distance covered: 7.7nm
Avg speed: 3.4kts
Max speed: 7.1kts
Crew: John, Stefano, Clare

Navionics Track


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