Back to the Tobago Cays

While we were having breakfast, at 8am, we got the call to come into shore and check-in with Daffodil of Daffodil Marine. She gave us our check-in ticket that we could use to complete customs and immigration, in town.


After checking-in and a little fruit and veg shopping, we bought some rotis to go for lunch, and set sail. Took a nice downwind run out of Admiralty Bay harbour, gybed, and headed down towards the Tobago Cays on a beam reach.

There were quite a few yachts out, going in both directions. So, we got to pace ourselves against a cat just behind us, and doge yachts heading towards Bequia.


When the wind was good, we flew along at almost 10kts, but behind Canouan we got a little wind shadow and crawled at 5kts. The cat behind us started their engines and overtook (we assume).

We entered the Cays through the north gap in the reef, and dropped sails, motoring around Petit Rameau to anchor in the back of the anchorage, in front of Jamesby, like last time. We were soon joined by the gorgeous old 1930s MY Shemara, who dropped anchor next to us.

Time on the water: 4:10
Distance covered: 26.9nm
Avg speed: 6.4kts
Max speed: 10.4kts
Crew: John, Stefano, Clare, Connor, Robin

Navionics Track


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