Bequia Quarantine

We set off late this morning from Chateaubelair, to Bequia, to check-in to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It was very still in the bay, so we could raise the sails from anchor. But that also meant we had to motor-sail for a while down the coast, before we picked up some wind.

When it did pick up, it was decent. The Bequia Blast lived up to its reputation, and blew us to Bequia in record time. We dropped down to the staysail, and were still hitting 10kts.


We'd expected to be able to check-in to St. Vincent in the afternoon, but no such luck. After sitting at anchor in the quarantine anchorage for a couple of hours, we heard that we will be able to go ashore and check-in, at 9am tomorrow morning.

The quarantine anchorage is on the north side of the bay, above the channel the ferries use. We'd anchored quite far back, towards the super-yachts and cruise ships. This got in the way of a corner-cutting ferry, who grumbled at us and asked us to move. So, we've moved forward, on the edge of the channel. I'm sure when he leaves he'll still be grumpy. Oh well.

Until 9am tomorrow, we get to laze around and enjoy the sunset.

Time on the water: 3:14
Distance covered: 20.3nm
Avg speed: 6.2kts
Max speed: 10.4kts
Crew: Stefano, John, Clare, Connor, Robin

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