The Tobago Cays

We weren't too keen to enter the Tobago Cays yesterday afternoon, and spent the night in Saline Bay instead. When picking your way through reefs, you really need to be able to see them, not just trusting the accuracy of charts.

So, after breakfast we motored around Mayreau and into the Cays. They were less busy than we'd expected, but still a few yachts around. The protected side had a cruise ship and some super-yachts in it, so we went around to the exposed side and anchored in the anchorage between Baradal and Jamesby islands.

Exposed to the wind, but protected from the swell by the reefs. The sea is all spectacular shades of turquoise, and the snorkelling was pretty good. On the reefs, the clarity was excellent, with lots of pretty corals and big fish to see.

Time on the water: 1:14
Distance covered: 4.9nm
Avg speed: 4kts
Max speed: 8.3kts

Navionics Track


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