Cleared into SVG

In the morning we tried to chase down the missing PCR test result. Phoning the lab in Grenada didn't get very far, the receptionist apologised that nobody in the lab liked answering the phone. She suggested we come in-person...

However, we were able to get the clinic that took the sample to find the results for us, and we could forward them to the Clifton port captain to start the check-in process. They told us to wait for "Buddha".

He eventually turned up — a taxi boat driver. We were free to go to shore and do paper-work. Of course it was now lunch time, so we had to wait for immigration to re-open.


Clifton is a small little island town, but unlike Carriacou everyone is hustling. The taxi boats are constantly circling the harbour, offering their services to bring you goods.

Once we were cleared in, we headed out towards the Tobago Cays. It was a little too late in the day to navigate through reefs, so we motored up to Mayreau, and anchored for the night in Saline Bay. Next to a monstrous cruise ship.

Clare and Sarah baked some raisin swirls and banana bread, so we're well set for the next day or two.

Time on the water: 0:46
Distance covered: 3.3nm
Avg speed: 4.4kts
Max speed: 7.5kts

Navionics Track


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