Tobago Cays and up to Bequia

We've had a wonderful few days in the Tobago Cays. There were a few other yachts there, but not enough to feel crowded. There is reef all around with good snorkelling, you get to pick one with nice currents to spend your time on.


Baradal Island has turtle sanctuary south of it, and was often quite busy with dinghy-loads of people on it. So we visited it for a morning walk, before the crowds. Some scuttling in the bushes turned out to be an iguana. Then you start seeing them in the trees, raiding nests — they're everywhere. It's hard to imagine there being enough birds eggs to keep that many big lizards fed.


Snorkelled a little between the boat and Baradal Island to watch the turtles. They aren't hard to find, at all, sometimes you'll see a group of several together. They spend their time eating grass on the sea-floor, and occasionally coming up for a few breaths.

On Monday morning we took the dinghy out to Petit Tabac island, outside the horseshoe reef. A windswept little island, surrounded by reef, with some grass and coconut palms on one end, and a little bit of a forest in the middle, full of desperately hungry mosquitoes.

The snorkelling off Petit Tabac wasn't bad, although a little cloudy, near the sandy beaches.


Sarah is soon nearing the end of her visit, and needs to get a COVID test before she can return to the US. We planned to do this in Bequia, on Tuesday, which is a good 5+ hour sail away.

After lunch, we decided to head north to Bequia immediately, rather than leave it to Tuesday morning. I'd rather anchor in Bequia at dusk than navigate between reefs before sunrise.


So, a brisk sail north, and eventually ran on the engine for a couple of hours into Bequia, to anchor as the sun set. A little tight, but we made it.

Time on the water: 5:20
Distance covered: 31.9nm
Avg speed: 6kts
Max speed: 11.1kts

Navionics Track


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