To Green Island

Now that we're not waiting on anyone any more, we could get out of Falmouth, and go for a sail to Green Island. Bought some fresh fruit and veg, and headed out.

Pulling up the mainsail in front of a crowd of optimists and lasers, about to start their Saturday race. Wind was forecast gusts up to 27kts, so went with the 2nd reef on main and the staysail.

Fairly big seas, and plenty of flying fish. Even with the 2nd reef, we were flying at around 7kts, most of the time. Was a fairly easy sail down, although the wind and current were pushing us harder than we thought, so we tacked too soon, and had to take a second tack out.

Ran down-wind through the channel, beyond York Island, on the same route as last-time, and anchored off Green Island west beach. An Italian neighbour came to say hi, so we invited him over for dinner.

Lovely to be out on the water again, after a week at anchor.

Time on the water: 4:04
Distance covered: 18.7nm
Avg speed: 4.6kts
Max speed: 13.1kts

Navionics Track


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