Water Maker Woes

We've spent the last week in Falmouth, waiting for people to be able to do some work for us. Some new lines from the riggers, to replace worn and broken lines (including our running backstays). And waiting for the water-maker specialist to visit.

On the advice from a friend, we took a water sample to the specialists, to be checked. May as well take advantage of good technicians when they're available, and Julian the water-maker specialist here came well recommended. Bad news, we found the total dissolved solids reading was way higher than we expected. We have a TDS meter on board, which read in the 400s (under 500 is considered safe, by WHO). But the reading they gave us was north of 1500, not safe to drink. So, bought some bottled water, and waited for Julian to be able to visit us.

He came out on Friday. Good news: Things are generally in good shape. And if we run both pumps of the water-maker, not just 1 as we had been, it produces almost-drinkable water. The membrane needs to be replaced, but it's not horrifically expensive. They've just run out of stock, but we'll get one next week.

And our tester needs new batteries and a re-calibration. Not sure if it matters, but the chemistry of the batteries that were in it (1.5V alkaline) don't match the specifications (1.4V zinc-air). No luck finding either type, yet... Probably have to go to St. Johns.


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