Green Island

If Antigua is Spanish word for ‘ancient’ then this strange dog-shaped island off Antigua’s eastern edge sure surly be called Perro Antigua. We dropped anchor near the snout. It’s head and back are protected by a large reef, the neck and tummy have soft sand beaches. The tail and arse are exposed to of whatever the Atlantic throws at it. The isle is both lush and arid. There is but one constant here and is the wind.

Within minutes of our arrival we are greeted by Roberto aka ‘Robby’ who lives on his Island named Full Moon. He comes here for one reason — to kite-surf.

Not much in the way it paths oh the island so we rambled around along the edges, across beaches though lush mangroves and up jagged cliffs. Lizards, snakes, birds and crabs appear to be the main residents. Small black tips patrol the reefs. The walk around the tail of the dog — marked as on map as ‘Man of War Point’ and is somewhat treacherous and wildly beautiful.

A large fat nesting gull told me bugger off and by the end of the exploration we were scuffed and scratched.

On our last night there, Robby made us dinner aboard Full Moon. It’s been his home for the last five years and he’s super happy about it and life in general. He makes a mean Kombucha and a delicious vegan pasta with fresh chilli, garlic, onion and olive oil. As we are planning a trip to Barbuda soon he showed us us his map marked with preferred anchorages and routes through the reefs.

His plans for hurricane season aren’t clear. Ether sail back to Italy, or head south or just stay put and keep kiting.

The next morning as we headed to Falmouth we watched Robby skilfully raise his main and two fore sails, lift anchor and zig zag through the corals and out to sea without burning a drop of diesel. That man loves the wind. Where he is going isn’t clear but probably involves harvesting mangos and getting more garlic.

We are back in Falmouth for a few days to settle with rigging company, harass the watermaker guy and find new starter batteries.

Time on the water: 3:15
Distance covered: 11.8nm
Avg speed: 3.6kts
Max speed: 10.9kts

Navionics Track


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