St. Pierre, again

After an early morning vegetable market run in Fort de France, we went for a hike with taffit and Cathy in the Savane des Pétrifications park at the South-East tip of Martinique.


Doug almost got snowed-in, in New York, his flight cancelled. But he managed to find a flight out of the city in time, and via a few stops made his original connection from Guadeloupe to Martinique. We picked him up at the airport, on the way back from the hike.

The next morning, after returning the hire car and getting Doug a pre-departure COVID test for Guadeloupe, we sailed up the coast back towards St. Pierre.


We got maybe half an hour of sailing on the genoa, before stopping for lunch and a quick snorkel off Case Pilote, and then motored up to St. Pierre to check out of Martinique. Almost everywhere is closed on the island on Sundays, but there's a customs computer in a bar in St. Pierre that's open, and it's the perfect departure point for trips north.

We had considered spending the night off Dominica, but it felt a little too late in the day to make that trip, so we'll anchor here for the night and depart early in the morning for Guadeloupe.

Time on the water: 2:06
Distance covered: 12.1nm
Avg speed: 5.7kts
Max speed: 9.4kts
Crew: John, Clare, Stefano, Doug

Navionics Track


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