PCR Tests

Got moving fairly promptly in the morning to sail back to Carriacou, to get our PCR tests taken. This time we weren't going to miss the boat.

So, after some breakfast, and a morning swim, sailed out of the Petit Martinique anchorage, on a broad reach between the reefs, round the North tip of Carriacou, and down to Hillsborough.

With lots of time, we stopped on the way, at Jack Adan Island for a snorkel. It was still a little early, and cloudy, so the light wasn't great. But the sun did come out, and it suddenly came to life. Lots of pretty coral flowers and fish.

Got to the Hillsborough clinic comfortably before 1pm, so we had to wait a while before they started testing, but we were at the front of the queue when things did start.

Unfortunately the Roti restaurant we'd been recommended to was almost sold out when we got there, after the tests, with only 2 fish rotis left. Shared them, and they were excellent. Half-a-roti is probably the more sensible way to go, anyway.

Carriacou has amazing local Ice Cream (with Grenadian flavours like Nutmeg and Cinnamon), that we've been buying in Hillsborough and the Tyrell Bay boat yard. Today we went to find the source, at Bogles Round House. It was an half-hour walk to get there, but well worth it. Surprisingly, it's made from powdered milk and canned cream. On a little island, fresh milk is hard to come by, and the UHT stuff just doesn't taste as good.

Back to Sandy Island for the night, and tomorrow we'll check out of Grenada, and into St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Time on the water: 2:06
Distance covered: 9.4nm
Avg speed: 4.5kts
Max speed: 8.6kts

Navionics Track


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