Petit Martinique

Time for a proper sail. We haven't had our mainsail out, since we splashed, and it really needs an airing.

Embarrassed to say we've been on the water for almost a week, and hadn't really had a proper sail, yet. (Our excuses is that we'd been heading directly upwind, which is excruciatingly slow sailing.)

To get around the north point of Carriacou, we had to do a big tack towards Union Island, tacking again as we started to enter its wind-shadow. That took us all the way down to Petit Martinique.


Finally, we see our yacht appear on MarineTraffic. We'd installed an AIS transponder while on the hard, but there were no stations south of Union Island to pick up our signal and relay it to the ship tracking sites. The stations on Carriacou and Grenada are offline at the moment.

Petit Martinique is well worth visiting, we were very glad that we found an extra day to get to it, behind Carriacou. It's a tiny island, with 1000 odd inhabitants. Everyone we spoke to was incredibly friendly. We were just walking down the (one and only) road, when we got talking to a man, Fenrick Ceasar, walking the same way with his grandchildren. He invited us back to his dad's picturesque property, to see the view and drink some coconut water.

Time on the water: 2:33
Distance covered: 11.7nm
Avg speed: 4.6kts
Max speed: 10kts

Navionics Track


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