Arrival in Grenada

Thankfully after a terrible night's sleep, this was going to be a far easier day's sail than yesterday. We had only half the distance to cover, and everyone was now well accustomed to crossings. Nobody got sea-sick today, at least not more than just lightly queasy.

We were woken up at 4am by an (incorrect) anchor-drag alarm. Got another hour's attempt at sleep before our intended sunrise wake-up. We may not have had enough sleep, but we were only too happy to get out of that anchorage and head South (after a breakfast and quick swim, that is).


Jakob pulled up the anchor and raised the main sail (2nd reef), and we started a beam reach South towards Bequia. Galina took some time practicing the helm in some fairly decent wind, pushing us at 8-11kts.


The little islands of the Grenadines gave very little wind-shade, and we flew South all day. The crew entertained themselves lazing in the sun, sleeping, playing Sudoku, and learning some basic knots. Tests, next time we're on the water!


Finally, we approached Carriacou, and headed in to anchor in the quarantine anchorage. Grenada is enforcing quarantine far more strictly than Martinique. As we were arriving in port, we could hear the daily clearing procedures taking place, so we quickly announced our presence on the radio, in the hope that we could be included today.

It worked, they asked us to anchor ASAP and head to shore. Anchor caught first time, phew. I rushed to print PCR test results and our clearance paperwork, and we scrambled into the dinghy to head to shore. But were a little too rushed and didn't properly look at the map to figure out where we needed to be. So the port authorities were a little annoyed at our driving in circles and tying up the dinghy in the wrong place. But they gave us a provisional health certificate, and we'll get our arrival PCR tests on Friday.

Now we can settle into a good night's sleep and a week's quarantine. We'll be forced to have to avoid other people, relax, and swim off the boat a few times a day.

Time on the water: 6:21
Distance covered: 46.8nm
Avg speed: 7.4kts
Max speed: 11.2kts


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