We went back up in Jolly Harbour to load up with provisions for a trip to Barbuda, there's a far bigger supermarket there than in Falmouth. Also had to do some admin, collecting an original bill of sale, from the brokers, to courier to the registry. And get a certified copy for ourselves, in case it goes missing.

With that done, we were planning to sail back to Falmouth, to collect a shipment from the US, and then sail to Barbuda on Wednesday.

Got a bit of a surprise in the morning. We've been trying to empty our tanks to get rid of the undrinkable water, and we thought we'd been emptying our Port tank. But I looked at the tank gauge and found the Starboard tank was completely empty, and the Port one mostly full. After a lot of head-scratching, our best guess is that we've been pumping all the water from the Starboard tank into the Port one, via the fridge's fresh-water coolant loop. The valve from the Starboard tank's output line has a plastic handle that we found has subtly broken and can slip on the shaft. Just because it looks closed, it doesn't mean it actually is. Called the local chandler and they didn't have a replacement handle, so it'll have to be a spanner, for now...

So, an hour or two later than planned, we raised anchor, and got our sails up. I tensioned the halyard quite taught, maybe too much? Coming around onto sail, we had an accidental crash gybe, in maybe 15kts of wind. The halyard snapped, and the mainsail dropped. Oops!


One of the lazy jacks (the lines that hold up the sail cover) was on its last legs, and gave out too. Tied up the bundle of mainsail as best as I could, with the boat's jack-lines.


And we sailed round to Falmouth on the genoa. Got some wind-shadow towards the South-West corner of the island, but then things really picked-up offshore, to the point that we were thinking about reefing it.

Tacked back (far too soon), had a far tamer beat back to the shore, and then motored the last little bit into Falmouth. We'll have to visit Ashley, the local rigger again, ASAP.

Time on the water: 4:17
Distance covered: 19.3nm
Avg speed: 4.5kts
Max speed: 9.0kts

Navionics Track


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