To Jolly Harbour

We've finished all our repairs in Falmouth (for now), and decided to head round to Jolly Harbour to provision for a trip up to Barbuda. We also need to take collect some original registration paperwork from the broker, and get it couriered off to the registry.

We haven't been back to Jolly Harbour, since we left for Falmouth with Alexis, over a month ago.

Had intended to sail on Friday, but the day quickly got away from us, and it was mid-afternoon by the time we were ready. So, first thing on Saturday morning, instead.

"First thing" ended up being close to midday, after a lazy morning, a nice swim to Pigeon beach, etc.

Put up sails in the corner of the bay, where Ocean Star was anchored, and the Saturday morning dinghy races were kicking off, as usual.


Easy sail around the South West corner of the island, well clear of Cades Reef, broad reaching most of the way.


When we arrived in Jolly Harbour, there was only one other boat anchored there, our brokers, we virtually had the bay to ourselves. We have hundreds of litres of undrinkable water, so set to giving the boat a good soapy wash-down. It hasn't looked that sparkly, since we got it.


By the time we were done, the anchorage had filled up with charter catamarans. So much for the solitude...

Time on the water: 2:44
Distance covered: 15.7nm
Avg speed: 5.8kts
Max speed: 12.1kts

Navionics Track


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