Green Island

Alexis joined us for a day sail up to Green Island, from Falmouth, and back.


Took a big tack down South out of Falmouth, and then up the coast to Green Island.

We tensioned up the rig, and immediately broke the kicker strap. This was expected, it had failed on the rig inspection, when we bought the yacht, but hadn't got around to replacing it, yet.

Entered Nonsuch bay through the Rickett Bay channel, above York Island. Took down the sails behind Middle reef, and practised picking up up a mooring buoy off West Beach. Anchored there for lunch.

Had some trouble manoeuvring forward after reversing, so we dived to check on the folding prop. It seemed to be behaving correctly. Handling this big yacht in tight marinas may be tricky...


Figured out the traveller, over lunch. We needed it without the kicker, to get some more power out of the mainsail.

Left the bay through Spithead channel. This is a very tight channel through reefs. The charts warn you not to trust them for navigation through the channel, it's so tight. So, we motor-sailed up for safety, and I stood on the roof of the pilot house to direct. The mainsail blocked my view to port, so we did get a little close at one point, to 2.4m under the keel.


Alexis told us stories of entering the channel from the sea from the north, through breakers, without an engine. Crazy!


Broad reached back down south, and ran a little wing-on-wing past Willoughby bay. Took down the sails and anchored, with as little input from Alexis as possible.

Time on the water: 8:46 (with an hour for lunch)
Distance covered: 30.1nm
Avg speed: 3.4kts
Max speed: 9.1kts

Navionics Track


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