To Falmouth

Richard (the previous owner) came out in the morning to have a look at our back-stay and suggest options. Cleaned up some of the threads with a file, and got it back under as much tension as we could.

Second day out with Alexis. Transiting to Falmouth, which is more convenient for him.

Took a tack far South, half-way to Montserrat, and then back in to Falmouth. Got into some nice Atlantic swell, out there (maybe 6ft). A little queasy from that, but not too bad.

Did a man overboard drill with a fender. Didn't quite manage it the first time around on sail, had to use the engine, but fender rescued.

Tried the staysail, works well. Better than a double-reefed Genoa.


No damage to the yacht today :)

Time on the water: 8:06
Distance covered: 23nm
Avg speed: 2.8kts
Max speed: 9.8kts

Navionics Track


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