Sail to the Saints

Our first real sail with my parents. This started off with a light wind, in the wind shadow, so we motor sailed down to the Southern tip of Basse-Terre.

Then the wind started to pick up, and we were heading directly upwind. So, we started to heel a bit. Not my mother's favourite, she prefers a level deck.

After a couple of tacks upwind, we motored the rest of the way into the saints, and took a mooring ball off Ilet a Cabrit. This is the quiet anchorage away from the hustle of Terre de Haut, but still close enough that you can dinghy in to pick up fresh baguettes and pain au chocolat.

We walked up to Fort Napoleon, on Morne Mire, and looked through its museum and succulent garden.


We went for an early morning hike up Le Chameau, and had breakfast at the old fort on the top, enjoying the spectacular view.

The route up was on a road, but the path down the other side was steep at times, and it was a very hot day. So, when we got down, we left my parents to have a coffee at a beach resort on the West coast, walked back to town, and picked them up by dinghy.

Time on the water: 5:11
Distance covered: 30.7nm
Avg speed: 5.9kts
Max speed: 9.8kts
Crew: John, Stefano, Clare, Sandy, Ugo

Navionics Track


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