Green Island

Sitting around Falmouth, Antigua, you see a lot of big super yachts. But also the odd tall ship, and this case tall ship cruise liner - the Royal Clipper.


When we bought Aweh, we weren't the only ones interested in the yacht. Martin and Sofie, were also looking for something similar. They made contact after the sale, and eventually met up with us in Antigua, to see it in person, and come for a few days sail.

To give them a feel for the boat, at anchor, and under sail, we planned a quick trip to Green Island, and then up to Barbuda and back if the weather would permit. This would double as a scouting trip for them to see Antigua's anchorages, for a bareboat charter they were planning with family.


They are both experience racing sailors, so it was fun to give them the reins and see them push things a little further than we would have. We had a good day out, and spent the night in Nonsuch Bay, behind Green Island.

It was interesting seeing Martin's perspective on the boat, he knew many things about it, and its relatives, that we didn't. We'd been looking at a lot of the same yachts, for sale, so there was a lot of boat talk. I have to imagine it was a little sad for them to come and see what may have been their next boat, if things had worked out differently. Writing a this a year later, they have now found their next boat, Marlin, and are busy refitting it.

Time on the water: 4:05
Distance covered: 19.7nm
Avg speed: 4.8kts
Max speed: 8.5kts
Crew: John, Clare, Stefano, Martin, Sofie

Navionics Track


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