Anse la Roche

While Sandy Island is a lovely anchorage, Anse la Roche is one step up. It's a small little bay, towards the North West corner of Carriacou, barely big enough for 1 yacht to anchor in.

When we were here in August, there were about 6 yachts anchored here, which was a bit tight for comfort. But today, we motored up and found it empty. We get the whole anchorage to ourselves.


It can be a little exposed in the bay, and there isn't a lot of room for anchor chain, so we ended up putting two anchors out to hold us in place. The secondary did a much better job than the primary.

A local, Tim, runs an off-the-grid beach bar here, we booked dinner with him for the second evening in the bay.

The second day, we went for a hike up the mountain behind Anse la Roche — High North, which has a well maintained path with a few spectacular view-points, and a tree-replanting project.


We snorkelled a little, and I got some time to catch up on these blog posts. The last few days have been too busy to stay on top of them.

Time on the water: 1:04
Distance covered: 3.5nm
Avg speed: 3.2kts
Max speed: 7.2kts

Navionics Track


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