Return to Carriacou

Time to leave Grenada, and head up to Carriacou. We went up the lee side to make for a smoother ride than yesterday, but that meant we'd be almost dead into the wind for most of the day, so it was almost all motoring.

We did manage about half an hour on sails only, and another hour or two of motor-sailing, before we turned into the eye of the wind, around half-way up Grenada.


Stopped for a late lunch and swim Corn Store Bay, and then pushed up through the gap towards Carriacou. It was pretty slow going, against a strong current and wind.

We had thought of stopping for the night behind Frigate Island, at Mark's suggestion. Apparently there is good snorkelling there. But the anchorage reviews we read didn't sound great, so we pushed on to Tyrell Bay and managed to get the anchor down just before sunset.

Not the most exciting day, with so much motoring, but it's good to be out on the water, and moving again.

Time on the water: 8:34
Distance covered: 42.6nm
Avg speed: 5kts
Max speed: 10.2kts

Navionics Track


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