Sailing Introduction

Time to get the new crew out on the water for a sail. Before we can do the big 2-day crossing to Grenada, we should probably give them a feeling for sailing the yacht.

After a lazy morning and early lunch, we set out for a sail around the bay.

Had to motor out well past the line of fishing pots to put up the sails. And straight away we ran into trouble. Just after hauling up the mainsail, the shackle on the main sheet popped off the traveller.

So, dropped the sail again, fixed the shackle (with some mousing to hold the shackle's bolt in place), and raised it again. All good exercise for the new crew in training :)

The wind wasn't very strong, so had the mainsail on 1st reef, and used the full genoa. Got some nice speed up, and a bit of heel.

We didn't really have anywhere we wanted to go, so we just went out past Pointe des Santes, and back again. Saw a nice bay on the return leg and headed in for a swim.


The anchorage off Pointe Catherine was quite rolly, so after a swim we motored back to Sainte Anne for the night.

Time on the water: 2:20
Distance covered: 8.9nm
Avg speed: 3.7
Max speed: 9.7

Navionics Tracks: 1, 2.


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