Motor into Le Marin

We didn't make it into Le Marin before sundown yesterday, so today we motored around the corner, through the reefs, into Le Marin.

Le Marin is a sea of yachts, packed fairly tight together, with a couple of huge marinas. Many of the yachts in the bay are on moorings that won't move much, but we need space to swing on the anchor, and finding an empty spot isn't easy. We thought we'd found a good empty spot, but as we headed for it, a Catamaran came around from the other side and took it.

So, we ended up anchoring a bit further out, behind a reef, away from the crowd.

Of course, the engine behaved itself perfectly today, after scaring us a couple of days ago with heavy vibration. This problem is going to be hard to pin down.

Went into town to do laundry and find some lunch. It was Bastille Day and everything closed early, but we just managed to grab a loaf of bread from the boulangerie before they shut for the day, behind us.

Finally, in the evening Galina, Shaianna, and Jakob, arrived to join us, from Germany.

Getting out of the dinghy to pick them up I must have dropped my phone into the water. It's gone, into the murky depths... So no photos today.

Time on the water: 1:22
Distance covered: 3.3nm
Avg speed: 2.4kts
Max speed: 6.7kts

Navionics Track


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