Back to Falmouth

The next morning, we took advantage of being on the dock, to get several people on board looking at things. A surveyor to do a tonnage survey, a sailmaker to look at our ripped genoa UV covers, and a rigger to look at the lines that need replacing.

While this was all going on, the wind picked up, the anchor started to drag, pushing us onto the dock. Taking down the genoa didn't help, as it caught a lot of wind. Had to get the engine running to push us off the dock. It was still pretty hairy and we rubbed a bit.

But as soon as we could get our night's mooring paid for, we were off the dock and out of there.

Anchored in the crowded Freeman's bay, to wash off the decks (again), tidy things up, and have some lunch.

Then had a leisurely sail back to Falmouth, on just the stay-sail. Trying a different anchorage, off St. Anne's Point, at the entrance to Falmouth harbour. The water is crystal clear here, on the rising tide, and the beach just a few mins swim away.

Time on the water: 00:54
Distance covered: 1.2nm
Avg speed: 1.3kts
Max speed: 4.9kts

Navionics Track


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